Bringing a book into being.

I had forgotten how time consuming the process of book publication is- after all the writing and editing (six different sets of eyes perused this manuscript) is done. There are a thousand details that must be decided upon- this font/that font, size of font, page layout, acknowledgments (heaven help me if I’ve forgotten someone, though likely I will and will feel terrible about it) dedication, back cover copy, cover details, page alignment and so forth.  But I’m excited because we’re almost there- cover finalized, every last detail decided and now it’s merely a matter of those last few things and then it goes to the printer.  After it’s set up at the printer, I will get a proof copy (one of my favourite things, because I finally get to hold five years of my blood, sweat and tears in my hands as an actual bound book). I have to go over the proof copy with a fine tooth comb, and then if all is as it should be, I sign off on it and the first print run goes to press.

Already my head has sort of leapt ahead to the next project- a collection of stories about the day JFK was killed.  I’ve already received a few stories and I can tell it’s going to be an amazing experience reading all these accounts. And now small bits and pieces of the next book are starting to present themselves as well as ideas for another series I want to write about the Irish Famine. You cannot move in my house right now without tripping over a book about the Kennedys or Boston Irish politics in the late 19th century. Did I mention I love research? 🙂 I’ve been moving through a haze of living in another time, or at least my mind and heart are living there. My poor husband has certainly had his fill of anecdotes about RFK, Honey Fitz, etc over the last few weeks.

Every time I finish a big project like one of the books in the Exit Unicorns series, I go through a dry spell, creatively, and think I will never again be able to string two words together in an interesting fashion. So it’s always a great relief when the urge to write starts to slowly trickle back in. I just didn’t expect it to split three ways for three different projects. But now that I only have one child at home, I may actually be able to work away at more than one project at a time.  Providing people would stop looking for hot meals and clean laundry. 🙂