The Free Kindle Book Experiment- Exit Unicorns

The Free Kindle Book Experiment- Exit Unicorns

Tomorrow is the beginning of my Kindle experiment. When you sign up for Kindle Direct Publishing, and are in their ‘Select’ program, it means two things- you can’t offer the book on any other ebook platform and you get five free days- this means you can offer your book for free during any five days that you choose and book with Amazon. As I am running down to the end here with the Select program, (my books revert back on the 6th of June) we decided to use some of our free days and see what happens.

I decided to do this for one simple reason- the potential it has to get my books in front of many more readers. The fanbase I currently have is terrific, I just want to increase their numbers.

When I first heard of this program, it sounded a little nutty, frankly. Giving books away to build up your audience? But it makes sense to me now, and I’ve read enough about other authors who have done it and had an increase in sales after, that I’m willing to take a chance. I’m going to use my blog to record how this unfolds for the book.

‘Exit Unicorns’ was my first novel, it’s where this journey began for me. It’s still my highest selling book as well- makes sense though being that it’s the introduction to the series.

‘Exit Unicorns’ will be free for the days of June 1st-June 3rd. It can be gifted to others- there’s a button off to one side on the page on Amazon- it can be gifted to anyone who has a Kindle, or a device that can download a Kindle app- such as a PC, iPhone, iPad, etc. All you need is the person’s e-mail address. And it won’t cost you a penny. Of course, you can simply download it for yourself too.

I admit this feels a bit out of my comfort zone, as regards marketing a book. But I promised myself that I would take chances, that even when I didn’t necessarily have faith in myself, I would always have faith in my books. So here goes- let the adventure begin! Stay tuned as I navigate these uncharted waters. 🙂




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